Vampire Raiders Ninja Queen


vampires: hop away!
ninjas: richard and susan!
pig: attacking you!

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6 thoughts on “Vampire Raiders Ninja Queen

  1. Pookas says:

    OMG who has this one I need to see it.

  2. Pookas says:

    I just watched that clip like 17 times in a row.

  3. boylorne says:

    The move is INSIDE YOUR HOUSE.

  4. boylorne says:

    Wait until you see the subplot about the Japanese teen girl hotel operators, and their role in the evil ninjas’ plot to take over the hotel industry!

  5. boylorne says:

    And when I say “operators”, I mean switchboard operators. Like, on phones. And they get chased by hopping vampires. On a boat.

  6. Naturalie says:


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