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Scarecrow Slayer

apparently, this is a sequel?

apparently, this is a sequel?

hey there! frat douchebags!
don’t steal that from tony todd,
he’s the candyman!

mary better run,
ROTC can’t stop it,
awesome! scarecrow fight!

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Curse of the Doll People AKA Muñecos Infernales

tiny hands! disco balls! creepy!

tiny hands! disco balls! creepy!

don’t be stealing sacred dolls,
dramatic eye zoom

this is available on youtube.


Degrees: David Boreanaz, Tara Reid, and Uwe Boll

At a recent staff meeting, Boylorne discovered a connection to acclaimed film-maker, Uwe Boll.

One degree from Boylorne

Colin Berry: One degree from Boylorne

This young man was BoyLorne’s roommate for a few short days.

Two degrees from Boylorne

David Boreanaz: Two degrees from Boylorne

Berry starred alongside Boreanaz in “These Girls”.

Three degrees from Boylorne

Tara Reid: Three degrees from Boylorne

Boreanaz was in “The Crow: Wicked Prayer” with Reid.

Four degrees from Boylorne

Uwe Boll: Four degrees from Boylorne

Reid starred in “Alone in the Dark”, directed by Boll.

It’s a new feature,
degrees of separation.
We hope you enjoy!