[Hall of Fame] Bai Ling



Congratulations to Bai Ling who has starred in three 24hourstomidnight classics (Code Hunter, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Southland Tales). She is now a member of our Hall of Fame. She also starred in that episode of “Lost” about Jack’s tattoos, and no one likes that episode.

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3 thoughts on “[Hall of Fame] Bai Ling

  1. […] they're just like us! You guys, “24 Hours to Midnight: The Blog!” Hall-of-Famer Bai Ling has a blog. And it’s called “Naked Seduction” […]

  2. Nolahn says:

    Man, I HATED that episode of “Lost”…

  3. […] Posted on August 16, 2010 by 24hourstomidnight You guys, 24H2Midnight Hall-of-Famer Bai Ling‘s tweets are pretty much the best thing on the Internet. […]

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