Unwatchable: Battlefield Earth

We watch a lot of bad movies – this much should be obvious to you now, dear reader. Where most people barely tolerate the movies we watch, we pushed through “tolerance”, right through into “addiction” – to the point where we actively seek out titles that are sure to leave us shell-shocked from dire dialogue, phony sets, obvious twists, and hammy acting.

However, every now and then, a film comes along that is so wretched, so gawd-awful, that we have to eject the offending VHS tape from the VCR like so much vomit after one too many Faxe. (Editor’s note: One Faxe is one too many Faxe).

One such film is “Battlefield Earth”. After purchasing it for $1.16 (we got it at a flea market – Three movies for $5… but we only had $3.48), we settled in to watch what many people have described as the worst movie ever.

We got about 20 minutes in, which is before the scene where the caveman from the future finds the Declaration of Independence and blows up Alien John Travolta with a fighter jet that he found.

0:30 seconds in is when the real magic begins. Tremendous acting talent!

Battlefield Earth = UNWATCHABLE.

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One thought on “Unwatchable: Battlefield Earth

  1. Leigh says:

    I didn’t mention this on my own website because I feared it would damage the credibility of my review. But even I couldn’t watch all of it.

    90 minutes in and I knew there was another 30 to go.

    I am weak. Broken by Battlefield Earth.

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