Drag Me to Hell

100th review blogstravaganza!

100th review blogstravaganza!

boyfriend? the mac guy
with his dreamy hipster hair
and punchable face

A possessed hankie?
A cameo! Ash’s car!
Here, kitty, kitty!

play with the ouija,
or blaspheme in a graveyard,
you get dragged to hell.

speakerphone, come on,
dude, your mom is an asshole.
fuck off, turkey club.

Only sometimes good:
Please lay off the CGI.
Whoa! A talking goat!

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One thought on “Drag Me to Hell

  1. ljr says:

    hahaha!!! punchable face!! too funny

    I MISS YOU!!

    I want to watch bad movies and enjoy uncle andy with you.

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