Degrees: Degrassi

This one starts with boylorne’s former housemate.

housemate is the cousin of Amanda Stepto.

Moussed within an inch of her life, daily.

Moussed within an inch of her life, daily.

Amanda Stepto starred as Spike in the “Degrassi” series of television programs.



Billy Parrott played Shane McKay, the father of Spike’s baby, who took LSD and jumped off a bridge.

Filmed in Toronto.

Filmed in Toronto.

In “Resident Evil: Apocalypse”, Billy Parrott played “Security Guard”. Who says there aren’t good roles for Canadian actors?

Zack Ward: This guy.

Zack Ward: This guy.

“Resident Evil: Apocalypse” also featured Zack Ward, who starred in the ugh-fest “Postal”…

He hates you.

He hates you.

…which was directed by Uwe Boll.


Uwe Boll -> “Postal” -> Zack Ward -> The 1997 stock-car racing drama “Fast Track” -> Anais Granofsky who played aspiring movie director Lucy Fernandez on “Degrassi” -> Amanda Stepto – housemate -> boylorne

Remember that episode of “Degrassi” where Lucy makes a horror movie? I do.

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One thought on “Degrees: Degrassi

  1. Haha. Good show, good sir. He really does… Uwe Boll really does hate us all…

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