[GAME] “I Know Who Killed Me” Bingo

Try and find all of these things the next time you’re watching the 2007 Lindsay Lohan thriller “I Know Who Killed Me”!
Good luck!

I Know Who Killed Me BINGO!

NOTE: YES, all of these things are major plot points in this movie. Even the robot hand with super-strength.

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One thought on “[GAME] “I Know Who Killed Me” Bingo

  1. Nolahn says:

    Fantastic! As someone who once developed his own version of CSI: Bingo, I really got a kick out of this.

    Also, it strangely makes me want to see this movie. Should I ever do so (it’s certainly Crap Of The Titans-worthy), I’ll absolutely play along and pimp out your bingo in the review.

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