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the unborn (2009)

Really scary. Really.

Really scary. Really.

Some priest possession,
ecumenical seance,
and lots of mirrors.

Oh my god! That thing!
It’s upside down and crawling!
Get the fuck out now!

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Crocodile (2000)


will croc eat the dog?
tiny dog is not eaten!
we were all surprised.

If you want to see a tiny dog jump through a crocodile’s mouth, or a man swallowed whole by a bad graphics crocodile (only to be vomited up due to his use of bug spray), we have you covered: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KYsT4Xi1aw

Finally, here’s a very special crocodile tribute, set to to (what else) the music of Evanescence: 

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