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TNT Jackson

jimrugg's TNT Jackson

bitch, she’s T-N-T
and she fights like she makes love:
naked, but lights off

Quotable quote #1:
TNT Jackson: [turning off the lights in preparation for a fight] You want it black? You got it black!

Most of my favourite scenes involved Elaine, a (white) lady that is somehow involved with the men TNT is after. TNT doesn’t really think much of her — she calls her a bitch, calls her fat, she leaves her to be raped — you know how catty girls can be. Please excuse the language, but this is a pretty good example of a typical TNT/Elaine exchange:

Elaine: First of all, I’m not what you think I am.
TNT Jackson: I know. You’re a Girl Scout working on your badge for the equality of niggers.
Elaine: I’m a government agent.
TNT Jackson: Oh yeah? Well, I’m Snow White suffering from a sunburn.

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Raiders of the Sun

Raiders of the Sun

This guy and his sweet flamethrower are not found in this film.

like every future,
it’s post-apocalyptic
and explodes a lot.

Note #1: There is almost an obscene number of mortar explosions in this movie. An average one explosion every ten seconds would be a conservative estimate. A great deal of this movie is just people running across rocky landscapes with big, harmless explosions happening a safe distance away. For a society where gunpowder has become more valuable than gold, they use it with curious frequency.

Note #2: This is another one from the team of noted Filipino director Cirio H. Santiago and “King of the Bs” Roger Corman. Angelfist! TNT Jackson! About a hundred other ones!

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[Hall of Fame] Milla Jovovich

Don't be sad, Milla. We liked you in "The Fifth Element".

Don't be sad, Milla. We liked you in "The Fifth Element".

Milla Jovovich was on “Project Runway” as a guest judge this week. That reminds us: She’s already qualified as a Hall of Famer!

The staff of “24 Hours to Midnight: The Blog!” is proud to announce the induction of Milla Jovovich into our Hall of Fame. Milla starred in Ultraviolet, The Million Dollar Hotel, and the Resident Evil series. We have a soft spot for this weirdo.

Dear, sweet weirdo.

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Single White Female

old timey internet.  enigma on the soundtrack.  clearly, it is the 90s.  BUT WHERE ARE THE STARS OF THE WB?!?!?!

old timey internet. enigma on the soundtrack. clearly, it is the 90s. BUT WHERE ARE THE STARS OF THE WB?!?!?!

when room-mate hunting,
and can fit in a suitcase,
please check references.


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[site news] 50,000 views!

So, we’re getting Internet famous. We’re not there yet… but we’re getting there.
I mean, 50 000 visitors. Pretty good, right?
We owe a lot of that to one special resident of the moon: Bai Ling.
To get specific, 34% of all of our traffic is, in fact, related to Bai Ling.

So, on this grand occasion, we decided to use our growing Internet celebrity status to reach out to Bai Ling, via Twitter. And she reached back.

We said: @realbailing What would your signature scent smell like?

She said: “my signature smells the most incridble scant of rose”

There you have it, folks.
24 Hours to Midnight: Now with the most incridble scant of rose.

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Prom Night 4

Deliver us a pizza. Debit at the door.

Deliver us a pizza. Debit at the door.

Freaky possessed priest.
Most of the cast from Catwalk.
Bonus: Explosion!

The cast of Catwalk, you say? The YTV/MTV drama about a band, featuring a then-unknown Neve Campbell and a still-unknown everybody else? Indeed! The male lead of “Prom Night 4” is Billy K, and the female lead is Maggi, who was weird-looking guy’s love interest. More on her in a later post. Until then, nostalgize:

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Night Vision

Night Vision 1987 movie poster

There is nothing remotely sexy in this movie.

Haunted VCR?
What could be better for our staff?
Just the tape’s haunted.

Possession? Why yes.
But the most disturbing part?
Awkward intercourse.

No movie trailer – quelle surprise! However, we did dig up the “Mind Killers”, another  film by Michael Krueger, the director. It’s available in full on YouTube. Warning: it’s dull as dishwater.

“Night Vision” is not completely scare-free. This photo was taken at the only moment in the movie that made the four of us scream in terror:



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Vote us for Best Local Blog!

If you live/love our fair city, then you can vote for “24 Hours to Midnight: The Blog!” for Best Local Blog in the Scope’s 4th Annual Best of St. John’s Survey!

Here’s what you need to know:
1. You don’t have to answer every question on the survey, but YOU MUST ANSWER A MINIMUM OF 15 CATEGORIES FOR YOUR ANSWERS TO BE COUNTED IN THE RESULTS.
2. We appreciate the support of our non-island friends, but if you’re not from here, then please don’t fill out the survey.
3. The survey can be found at

THANKS! And if you have suggestions for other worthy nominees in any category, leave a message in the comments.


House of Wax

i saw this three years ago and have no desire to ever see it again.

i saw this three years ago and have no desire to ever see it again.

oh no! vincent price!
replaced by hilton & co.
it’s people! not wax!!!!

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They Shoot Divas, Don’t They?

Soundtrack  sung by Jennifer Beals?

Soundtrack sung by Jennifer Beals?

An obsessed blond girl.
An aging pop star diva.
Worst soundtrack EVER.

Jennifer Beals – meh.
But Traci Lords is awesome.
Oh! Felicia Day!