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Bloodspell aka The Boy from Hell (1988)

because he's so handsome.

home for troubled youth
pre-fargo woodchipper death
kid possessed by dad

this was pretty much impossible to find a trailer or anything on. sorry.
i will tell you that it involved a lot of “acting”, and featured twink caplan, who is probably best known for playing miss geist in clueless.

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sadly, my vhs tape was not in 3-D.

slow-motion fighters,
what does the future past hold?
sand and some ray guns.

Made in 1982, and set in 1992 after America was destroyed by a nuclear war, Parasite was billed as “the first futuristic monster movie in 3-D.” From what I remember, there’s a scientist running around a mostly abandoned town with a parasite in his stomach, and another in a weird container. Of course, this container is opened, and the second parasite escapes and wreaks havoc on the lamest gang ever, as well as a landlady that wears too much make up. This movie also features demi moore as a bar wench/lab assistant. According to someone on imdb “Seeing her in her tight shorts made this worth a check.” I think it’s just a really entertaining movie. Laser guns are awesome, ya jerks.

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