Wild Things

wild things

Swamp Things

denise richards as high school tramp?
woman, you’re 30.

Actually, the movie’s not THAT bad. And Bill Murray’s pretty good. Still, it didn’t need to be 108 minutes long.

Wild Things in 90 Seconds. Actually pretty good. Also, NSFW: 

The final twist: There’s a “Wild Things 2”.

Another final twist!: There’s a “Wild Things 3”!

THE HORRIFYING FINAL TWIST!!!: They’re doing a re-make of the original “Wild Things”! AGGHH!!

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2 thoughts on “Wild Things

  1. Simon says:

    Wow. .. Wild Things. The film that made me a man. Then I lent the film to many friends and consequently they became men and then, at many parties, it was played after lots of drinking at about 2-3am purely for THAT scene.

  2. joeBlow says:

    Wow, I don’t remember any of this, just the sex scene…

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