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[site news] 100 000 visitors!

Wow! 100 000 visitors! Over this past year, we figure we’ve gained a legion of faithful followers (well, we have one guy, and he has a blog where he posts pictures of himself on the toilet). Anyways, we’re always glad when people visit, comment, and share. So, thanks!

With somewhere around 200 films haiku’d, you may think that we’re running out of filth to roll around in. Happily, that is not the case.  I made another stop into our favourite video store to peruse the archives. I made some purchases.

Three piles of VHS tapes and cases


What we have here is a a Whitman’s Sampler of 24H2Midnight wonders. We’ve got films by some of our favorites: Cynthia Rothrock! Fred Olen Ray! Tawny Kitaen! Billy Dee Williams, Morgan Fairchild and Vanity starring in the same movie!

Also in the pile is “Zardoz”.  If you know what “Zardoz” is, you are having a nerdgasm right now. If you don’t know what “Zardoz” is, I suggest you do a Google Image Search (and have some bleach ready for your eyes).

Happy Saturnalia, y’all!

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Black Christmas (2006)

Trachtenberg, get off the couch already!

Michelle Trachtenberg,
nothing says Christmas like gross
and scary incest.

Andrea Martin
and Lacey Chabert. Sicko!
Don’t eat those cookies!

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