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The Inheritor (1990)

furry speedo or hairy bird? i do not care, not even your eyebrow could turn me away.

handsome minotaur
seduces uptight co-ed
this movie? pointless

i couldn’t find a trailer, even though this movie was directed by academy award winner brian savegar (he won for set direction…so maybe that is why…), and featured dan “grizzly adams” haggerty. go figure.

here is a link to the minotaur’s website:


if you google “the inheritor” in the images section, there is a pretty awesome picture of him in this movie, but it’s got copyrights  all over the place so i don’t know how to deal with it.

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Vamp (1986)

do not get the single man's special.

albino gangland
grace jones; the weirdest stripper
she flips us the bird

grace jones as erotic dancer: hot business? i was kind of traumatized, so you be the judge.

also, there is an incredible bromance in this movie.  one frat guy turned vampire tells his best pal to stab him with a table leg.  it turns out to be formica, making it possible for vamp frat guy to come back and save them all at the end.  best bros 4 life y’all.  gedde watanabe is pretty incredible in this as well, even though he goes missing for like half the film.  apparently he was just watching strippers and getting drunk, but still……

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