Red Surf


hunky george clooney
guns n’roses belly top
cocaine blow job

This was an early 90’s surfer flick featuring a roseanne-era clooney, michelle pfeiffer’s little sister dedee, and gene simmons.  i’m pretty sure it’s about some sort of set-up involving a drug deal, and then revenge, but i sort of stopped paying a lot of attention to the plot.  my either way, it’s an entertaining movie to watch at least once, if only for the drug addled bromance of atilla and remar.

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3 thoughts on “Red Surf

  1. Nolahn says:

    Oh yeah, between Dee-Dee and Mr. Gene Simmons, this is a must-see.

    On a quasi-related note, I’ve chosen you for Excellence in Haikuing. Also, the Tara Reid Acting School For Real Smart Ladies slays me.

  2. 24hourstomidnight says:

    woah, thank you so much! my younger brother would be mad jealous of your stephen tyler run-in, and your first movie kills mine, which was either something involving benji, or follow that bird.

  3. Gotta love Gene. Check out my pics from last years amazing KISS show in Oakland.

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