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Night of the Cobra Woman (1972)

night of the cobra woman

evil snake lady
she feeds on youth to stay young…
is that you, Tyra?


Baroness, you're the only Cobra woman for me.

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No tattooed cat lady or pet dragon in this film.

post-Scream, features teens.
you make self-aware comments.
do you know you suck?

When a movie is written and directed by the same person, it’s a sometimes a good indicator of the quality of film you’re watching. However, when the writer/director has a cameo in the first half hour and moons the camera, then you have a very good indicator of the quality of film you’re watching.

To keep our review fair and unbiased, here’s a user comment from imdb: “The Shower with acid in it is the best death i think because you think it could happen to you in real life, (well all the deaths can) but this 1 the most. Id give an 8/10”.

Here in Kolobos star Amy Weber’s hot track, “Ghost”, she’s been ‘tuned within an inch of her life. And there’s helpful subtitles to follow along with the lyrics! I personally recommend you watch for the photograph at the 0:30 mark. Jowly!

I need more synth handclaps!

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