Seduced By Evil (1994)

Seduced by cartoon Suzanne Somers

 Sporting Southwest styles,
Somers faces crow brujo
and morphs into wolf.


Right?? It doesn’t get much better, gentle viewer. Or does it? Let’s watch: 


You have to admit, Somers is one of those actors who presents a really serious performance. Can’t you just feel the psychic vibes on the wind? Well, I guess she had some guidance from sassy spiritual advisor Julie Carmen–actress, psychotherapist, yoga instructor and friend of Suzanne Somers–pictured here with the author of the original book, Jann Arrington Wolcott:

Seduced by lesbigays


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4 thoughts on “Seduced By Evil (1994)

  1. felix says:

    hey 24hrtomidnight,

    i’ve been wondering when someone would re-discover this, ahem, gem from the mid-nineties. If you take a look around the net you notice that this has yet to reappear on any of the rare-torrent sites, i.e. cinemageddon etc type rare movie sites. I believe it is available on NTCS vhs from the states on ebay. Was that a terrestial broadcast you were videoing on your camera, possibly off Candadian TV? Quality looked better that VHS. If you happened to copy it, might you stick it up on a site somewhere? anyhow,

    more bad movies if you have them. ha ha ha.

  2. 24hourstomidnight says:

    We happened upon a used VHS copy somewhere along the way (boylorne could give more specific details on this…) and I used my phone to take some clips of key moments. Unfortunately, my phone doesn’t have enough storage for the whole movie and we don’t have the technology required to copy from VHS.

    Surprisingly, you aren’t the first to enquire about more footage, though for decidedly different reasons that our other fan…

    Hope you have some luck tracking it down.


  3. langour says:

    I’ve got it, if anyone’s still interested….

  4. crimson says:

    Hi langour, could you post it ? Many thks !!

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