Daily Archives: March 8, 2010

Hardbodies (1984)

surprisingly, this was not the soft-core porn i accidentally downloaded. double barf.

80’s beach movie
3 old pervs pay to meet chicks

when i first heard about this movie on gilmore girls, i knew i had to watch it. now i am seriously questioning their taste level. a beach “stud” who is down on his luck is “hired” by three older gentlemen to help them meet “hardbodies,” which are essentially hot girls who hang out at the beach. this movie features courtney gains (the burbs, children of the corn, can’t buy me love) as the beach studs best friend, rag, and a bunch of ladies that were probably featured in a men’s magazine at some point in their lives as this was originally a playboy movie, and then released as a comedy. on the plus side, there is a hilarious shopping mall musical montage, and a pretty awesome girl band called….Hardbodies (VIXEN!!!!!). essentially, if you like boobs and really cheesy comedy, you will like this movie.

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