Swamp Women

Swamp Women Swamp Diamonds

prison for bitches
questionable uniforms
behold! camel toe!

Swamp Women Swamp Diamonds

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2 thoughts on “Swamp Women

  1. kranari says:

    a Lady Gaga music video is in order here 🙂
    “Telephone” is a film in itself. Love the concept by the way, what an original way to approach cinema.

  2. boylorne says:

    I was considering posting the video, since it’s a fantastic homage to “women in prison” b-movies. Speaking of, check the art for the single here:

    In terms of exploitation films, “Telephone” is right up there with “Switchblade Sisters” and “Black Mama, White Mama”. It almost makes up for the inclusion of Miracle Whip and other “edgy” branding efforts:

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