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Scandal in a Small Town

Raquel Welch Scandal in a Small Town

jacket, vest, shorts, shirt,
overalls, hat, scrunchie, skirt
a sea of denim

This movie would make an excellent drinking game, and you only need one rule: drink every time you seen something denim. People in this film certainly love that rugged cotton textile. Before seeing this movie, we didn’t know that denim blazers existed. Now we do.

First, let’s get the synopsis out of the way:
“She may not be the moral standard of the town, but this sexy lady is a woman ready to fight for what she believes in. When confronted with the fight of her life, she faces the town leaders head on and forces them to take note of their prejudices; proving to all that being sexy is no crime.”

PHEW. OK. Now, what IS the scandal? Well, Raquel finds out that her teen daughter’s history teacher is  is being taught to hate Jews. However, their tiny town hates skanks more than Nazis, so they try to burn down her house.

Here’s some important math:

  • Raquel Welch was 49 when this movie came out.
  • She was a teen mom, giving birth to her daughter at 16.
  • In this film, her daughter is 16.
  • That means that Raquel is playing a 32 year old woman. C’mon, Raquel. Seriously.

Can’t get enough of Raquel and her rhythmic movements? Hair you go:

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