The Stepfather (2009)

penn badgley in a coma i know, i know it's serious

mom, your beau’s a creep
your kids will disappoint him
even dan humphrey

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2 thoughts on “The Stepfather (2009)

  1. boylorne says:

    Terry O’Quinn (John Locke from “Lost”) plays the title character in the original.

    ALSO, the original is featured in Shockdecemeber.

    The remake is full of people I don’t know. However, I love the movie poster. Dramatic heavenly glow… Broadway pose… with a chef’s knife!

  2. savagebrewtality says:

    i’m kind of dying to see the original, and then watch silver bullet in a terry o’quinn double feature.

    also, i learned from this movie to ALWAYS make sure your cell phone is charged, and never to drop it under a freezer. JUST CALL 911 PEOPLE. QUIT GASPING AND LOOKING TERRIFIED, JUST CALL 911!!! SELA WARD, I AM TALKING TO YOU!!!!

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