Degrees: “boylorne’s inevitable superstardom” edition

DEGREES: The feature where we use our brushes with celebrity to Kevin Bacon our way to director and noted terrible person, Uwe Boll.

You guys, boylorne is totes famous, 4 rlz.

Here’s why: The White Stripes’ “Under Great White Northern Lights” documents the band’s summer 2007 tour across Canada and contains live concert and off-stage footage. During the tour, the band played a “one-note show” — a very short free concert consisting of just a single note — which appears at the start of the film. The one-note show is featured in the first 30 seconds of the movie:

boylauren at white stripes

Unedited footage, you guys.

Who is that fresh-face, and is not too commercial or catalogue, but evokes high-fashion? Why, it’s boylorne.

Anyway, boylorne was within metres of Jack White, one half of the White Stripes, who recorded “Van Lear Rose” with Loretta Lynn.

Loretta Lynn appeared in “Johnny Cash’s America”, which also featured Snoop Dogg. In this next  clip, Snoop appears more lucid than he does in the entirety of “Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror”.

And Snoop Dogg was featured in “Pauly Shore is Dead”, which also featured Michael Madsen.

And Michael Madsen was in “Bloodrayne”…

… which was directed by…

uwe bollUWE BOLL

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4 thoughts on “Degrees: “boylorne’s inevitable superstardom” edition


    also this reminds me i need to write a haiku for hood of horror.

  2. mystyron says:

    boylorne, when you gonna get your own imdb entry?

  3. mystyron says:

    and why does loretta lynn look like a Freddy Kruger (2010) all dolled up for prom?

  4. CMrok93 says:

    uwe boll and jack white! thought i’d never say both in the same sentence.

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