The Stand


part I: the plague

dark man, what you wear?
canadian tuxedo
denim on demim

part II: the dreams

everyone is dead
except for b-list celebs
molly! stop singing!

part III: the betrayal

the power comes on
stephen king makes cameo
hauls corpses around

part IV: the stand

a baby gets born
ghost of mother abigail
something about god

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3 thoughts on “The Stand

  1. Dan says:

    There’ s a lot to this four part series, some of it is good, some of it isn’t. But when it steers clear of the ropey special-effects and sticks to the human angle, I think it’s a good film.

  2. 24hourstomidnight says:

    agreed! it took me about a year to finally finish the book, so i’m glad i got through this in about a week. mostly excellent, some unnecessary parts for sure, but still, i would probably watch all 6 hours of it again.

  3. boylorne says:

    My brother taped this off when it was first run back in 1994, so I’ve watched it half a dozen times since then.

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