Bai Ling is : “American dream, finally”

You guys, 24H2Midnight Hall-of-Famer Bai Ling‘s tweets are pretty much the best thing on the Internet. Observe:

  • Wow 2 girls dance naked crazy! No I mean topless at this event tonight fun! Yes American dream finally
  • Bailing’s quote 4 U:What is heart make of? Why it rains with tears laugh with sunlight? Cause beautiful love
  • Would be so hilarious Bai Ling is the judge on American Idol we all love to watch that don’t we? I am on fire!
  • Bailing fountain cooky 4 u: Friday full of mystery & excitement see if U know this lyrics in which song? “just U shot your mouth she says…
  • My nipples will never slipping again
  • Bailing’s qoute 4 u today: sometimes you just have nothing to say but get a sweet massage

Twitter: realbailing

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