Finally, a new use for VHS cases!

A few weeks ago, I was wondering what to do with leftover VHS cases. I now have an answer, courtesy of “101 Weapons for Women: A Unique Concept in Women’s Self-Defense” (1991) by Rodney R. Rice, which, I should mention, just jumped to #1 on my summer reading list.

vhs cases weapon

YEAH. VHS tapes, recycling, and empowered ladies on a roaring rampage of revenge. I AM ALL ABOUT THAT.

Thanks and credit go to Mary and Holly at Awful Library Books, who are more hilarious than any right-thinking individual has any business being.

Note: Be thankful this isn’t a blog about gardening:

crotch injury

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3 thoughts on “Finally, a new use for VHS cases!

  1. Simon/Ripley says:

    I have an excuse to get my mom’s eight track out and not feel weird? Fuck yeah!

  2. Alex says:

    That is seriously awesome.

  3. mystyron says:

    If this were a movie, I’m sure Cynthia Rothrock could think of some inventive ways to wield the mightiest of b-movie weapons.

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