[GAMES] The Room Tribute

The Room game

If you’ve seen “The Room”, then you really need to play “The Room Tribute”. The point-and-click adventure hit the Internet two days ago. I played it through, and just like the movie, I refuse to believe it exists.

The Room game fight vs

“The Room Tribute” is amazing, thoughtful, and very well-done. Big congrats to Tom Fulp, JohnnyUtah, and company! Their near-obsessive knowledge of the movie turns what could be a one-note gag into something really impressive.

The Room game boss fight vs versus

To play “The Room Tribute”, click here.

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3 thoughts on “[GAMES] The Room Tribute

  1. mystyron says:

    If only I knew how to pingback to the Human Centipede game…

  2. Andrew R says:

    Just finished it now. Amazing. Wonder what happens if you collect all the spoons?

  3. 24hourstomidnight says:

    Oh hai, Andrew R. You can load your game (you’ll find yourself on the last day, which is the last time the game auto-saves) and collect all the spoons.

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