Loverboy (1989)


pat dempsey sells out
quits punk to become a ho
woos kirstie alley

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8 thoughts on “Loverboy (1989)

  1. boylorne says:

    We’ve got to get on the holiday movie train.

  2. 24hourstomidnight says:

    i’ve got a tape that’s perfect for xmas.
    also, someone should download santa’s sleigh (slay?) and santa with muscles. i remember both of those being HQ. and i think there’s a copy of silent night, deadly night 2 hiding somewhere. “PUNISH.”


  3. 24hourstomidnight says:

    also i have that movie where gary busey is a gingerbread cookie. really good.

  4. boylorne says:

    Santa’s Slay starring Goldberg and Santa with Muscles starring Hulk Hogan. I have heaps of wrestling trivia just waiting to be blogged about.

  5. 24hourstomidnight says:



  6. mystyron says:

    mcgoofy is much sexier in the 80s

    silent night, deadly night 2 is at fleming

  7. boylorne says:

    In a big ol’ tape case? There since last staff Christmas party.

  8. nolahn says:

    LOVERBOY – great pick!

    I’ve covered SANTA’S SLAY, and… well, you’ll certainly have a lot of fun with it.

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