Fred Olen Ray’s Drive-In Theatre

chain link fence sex sexy fred olen ray

Oh hi.

Last year, we had lots to say about Curse of the Vampires (vampire vs. ghost! blackface! candelabras!). Mostly, we were taken in by the DVD’s intro segment, provided by noted B-movie writer/director/producer Fred Olen Ray. Titled “Retromedia Drive-In Theatre”, Ray sets up the film, mostly by making awkward conversation and puns about boners. We finally got around to getting some screencaps. Enjoy!

fred olen ray retromedia 1


drive in babes fred olen ray retromedia

bikini babes fred olen ray

Quoth savagebrewtality: "Two butts!"

bikini babes fred olen ray

There's also cork-popping sound effects.

Fred Olen Ray

According to Fred, he's related to a dozen historical figures, from Jesse James, to former First Lady Laura Bush. He also claims to be the 14th cousin of noted lady vampire, Elizabeth Bathory.

In the segment, Ray is accompanied by his sidekick, Miss Kim. As he notes, she has “some big, swingin’ knockers”.  Also, she drinks a soda, seductively (???).

Fred Olen Ray gif

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