Blown Away (1993)

coreys like bad girl
haim licks o.j. off her thighs,
ending the bromance

“Blown Away” stars the two Coreys, and Nicole Eggert, and was released the same year that as a string of R-rated/softcore standards featuring horny murderesses, including “The Crush”, “Poison Ivy”, and others. This plays out mostly the same way, except, later, Eggert goes mad bomber, planting explosives on two cars and someone’s dirtbike, each with a comically-oversized digital countdown timer.

Your imdb keywords of the day are:
Leg Spreading
No Panties

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2 thoughts on “Blown Away (1993)

  1. LOL. Nice. Your Keyword list is spot on.

  2. nolahn says:

    Welcome back! And it looks like you’ve returned with a real winner.

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