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Goth (2003)


what are we watching?
sick day, drunk by 5 p.m.
drinking mojitos 

It’s on Netflix, y’all!

BONUS: 24H2Midnight Drinking Game: Take a drink every time someone says “goth”. Considering the movie is about two goths go to a goth club to listen to goth music and meet another goth (named Goth), who constantly talks about the true meaning of goth, you will be a mess.

Our male lead, Dave Stann, is the current champ of our ongoing series, “Actors That Totally Wrote Their Own IMDB Bio”. Choice cuts include the following: “Equally at home playing attention deficit disorder-riddled cyberpunks as he is embracing the more intense demands of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Dave always seeks out the more unconventional and extreme roles. Note: If by “equally known” he means “not known at all”, then he’s right. He goes on:
“A member of MENSA (but too cool to hang out with those brainiacs)” and “the right combination of acting ability, intelligence, and a trademark spark of in-your-face attitude”. It’s pretty likely that ol’ Hollywood Dave (his “alter ego”) has a Google Alert set up for any mentions of his name. Hi Dave! You’re still probably more famous than us!

Unrelated (but relevant) YouTube video:

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