[site news] We’ve gone legit!

Oh, hi.
You may have noticed that our posts have gone from “frequent” to “decidedly frequentesque”. This is where a lot of blogs issue a post-mortem, remarking on what a long strange journey it’s been, and bowing out gracefully. However, that is not the case for us. We’ve been busy with a whole new frontier of 24H2M life:  freelancing!

Our friends at The Scope (the local arts & entertainment magazine in St. John’s, Newfoundland) have asked us to bring our signature style to their readers.

We’re presently found weekly on thescope.ca, every Friday. You can check out the stuff we’ve already posted here:
ORCA (1977)

We’re posting ALL NEW CONTENT in a HOT NEW STYLE using our RUDIMENTARY KNOWLEDGE OF HOME COMPUTERS. thescope.ca also has other great content daily, including their Track of the Day and other stuff that you don’t need to be a local to be into. We’ll still be posting here, but new stuff goes to thescope.ca first, and weeks before it hits the blog here.

So, yeah. thescope.ca, every Friday.

BTW, this is us being modest:


2 thoughts on “[site news] We’ve gone legit!

  1. nolahn says:

    I was bracing myself for the dreaded post-mortem sign off, so this is all sorts of awesome sauce — congrats!

  2. nolahn says:

    In fact, I’m making it my LINK O’ THE WEEK. That’ll be up tomorrow.

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