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Funai Electric, the last remaining company to manufacture VCRs, has announced that it will make its final VCR units this month, marking the end of an era.

Oh, our online presence

24 Hours to Midnight, as seen on BuzzFeed.

The Call of Cthulhu (2005)

Claymation Cthulhu!!

So H.P. Lovecraft’s
nightmarish vision of death
is a cute cartoon?

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Modelland (2011)


Tyra’s dream come true
Editorially sucking
Tookie de la Creme

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Goth (2003)


what are we watching?
sick day, drunk by 5 p.m.
drinking mojitos 

It’s on Netflix, y’all!

BONUS: 24H2Midnight Drinking Game: Take a drink every time someone says “goth”. Considering the movie is about two goths go to a goth club to listen to goth music and meet another goth (named Goth), who constantly talks about the true meaning of goth, you will be a mess.

Our male lead, Dave Stann, is the current champ of our ongoing series, “Actors That Totally Wrote Their Own IMDB Bio”. Choice cuts include the following: “Equally at home playing attention deficit disorder-riddled cyberpunks as he is embracing the more intense demands of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Dave always seeks out the more unconventional and extreme roles. Note: If by “equally known” he means “not known at all”, then he’s right. He goes on:
“A member of MENSA (but too cool to hang out with those brainiacs)” and “the right combination of acting ability, intelligence, and a trademark spark of in-your-face attitude”. It’s pretty likely that ol’ Hollywood Dave (his “alter ego”) has a Google Alert set up for any mentions of his name. Hi Dave! You’re still probably more famous than us!

Unrelated (but relevant) YouTube video:

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Blown Away (1993)

coreys like bad girl
haim licks o.j. off her thighs,
ending the bromance

“Blown Away” stars the two Coreys, and Nicole Eggert, and was released the same year that as a string of R-rated/softcore standards featuring horny murderesses, including “The Crush”, “Poison Ivy”, and others. This plays out mostly the same way, except, later, Eggert goes mad bomber, planting explosives on two cars and someone’s dirtbike, each with a comically-oversized digital countdown timer.

Your imdb keywords of the day are:
Leg Spreading
No Panties

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