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[Hall of Fame] Ali Larter

Larter, pictured here channeling a demon, is truly a 24h2m up-and-comer.

Larter, pictured here channeling a demon, is truly a 24h2m up-and-comer.

Ali Larter, who rose to fame by glancing dramatically in mirrors in NBC’s superdrama Heroes, has now starred in three 24 Hours To Midnight movies: Obsessed, Final Destination, and Resident Evil: Extinction! Congratulations, Ali, and welcome to our prestigious Hall of Fame.

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Resident Evil: Extinction


jovovich! larter!
sexyfight all of them crows!
smart zombies are lame.

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Final Destination

featuring solid acting by clear rivers.

featuring solid acting by clear rivers.

90s teen celebs
listen to devon sawa,
avoid blowing up.

way to go ali,
look out for water and wind,
death! it’s everywhere!

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Beyonce shows us crazy

If he don

Oh hi Beyonce.
Lay the smackdown on Ali!
Through the ceiling? Whoa!!!

Savage Sasha Fierce!
Just call the cops already!
Everyone is dumb.

To get the full effect of this movie, just watch this trailer and the fight scene between Beyonce and Ali. Don’t waste your time with the rest.


1) ???: You better do something about this woman, or I will!
2) ???: She gon’ be rockin’ chinchilla coats if I let you go.
3) ???: I’ll drag your skinny ass all over this carpet!
4) ???: Can you pay my automo’ bills?
5) ???: You know who this is/ you came into my house/ you touched my child/ You think you’re crazy?/ I’ma show you crazy!

Highlight for the answers!:
1) Sasha Fierce.
2) Sasha Fierce.
3) Sasha Fierce.
4) Sasha Fierce.
5) Sasha Fierce.

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