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Bai Ling is… excitable

bai ling twitter

UPDATE: Bai Ling has an Uncle Showshine.

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Bai Ling is: brushing her teeth

Bai Ling knows: Let’s brush our teeth and be our best.

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Bai Ling is : “American dream, finally”

You guys, 24H2Midnight Hall-of-Famer Bai Ling‘s tweets are pretty much the best thing on the Internet. Observe:

  • Wow 2 girls dance naked crazy! No I mean topless at this event tonight fun! Yes American dream finally
  • Bailing’s quote 4 U:What is heart make of? Why it rains with tears laugh with sunlight? Cause beautiful love
  • Would be so hilarious Bai Ling is the judge on American Idol we all love to watch that don’t we? I am on fire!
  • Bailing fountain cooky 4 u: Friday full of mystery & excitement see if U know this lyrics in which song? “just U shot your mouth she says…
  • My nipples will never slipping again
  • Bailing’s qoute 4 u today: sometimes you just have nothing to say but get a sweet massage

Twitter: realbailing

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Hall of Fame Q&A: Winnipeg, Bai Ling


24H2M: Winnipeg, what would be your signature scent?
Winnipeg: With the start of Festival du Voyageur, perhaps part of Winnipeg’s scent has maple syrup and bannock!


24H2M: Bai Ling, if you could be anything (besides an actress), what would you be?
Bai Ling: I would be private investigater maybe??


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[site news] 50,000 views!

So, we’re getting Internet famous. We’re not there yet… but we’re getting there.
I mean, 50 000 visitors. Pretty good, right?
We owe a lot of that to one special resident of the moon: Bai Ling.
To get specific, 34% of all of our traffic is, in fact, related to Bai Ling.

So, on this grand occasion, we decided to use our growing Internet celebrity status to reach out to Bai Ling, via Twitter. And she reached back.

We said: @realbailing What would your signature scent smell like?

She said: “my signature smells the most incridble scant of rose”

There you have it, folks.
24 Hours to Midnight: Now with the most incridble scant of rose.

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Question: Are you Bai Ling?

For reference, this is Bai Ling (aka maybe you):

Bai Ling has her own parking space.

Bai Ling wants you to know that Bai Ling has her own parking space.

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[item of interest] Bai Ling has a blog

You guys, “24 Hours to Midnight: The Blog!” Hall-of-Famer Bai Ling has a blog.
And it’s called “Naked Seduction” (http://ling-bai.blogspot.com/).

Her interests include: life and magic.

If you like Bai Ling, rambling, and eight-thousand teen-girl-self-portraits, and hate capitalization, then this blog is the place for you.

Bai Ling: Eating cake and blogging about it.

Bai Ling: Eating cake and blogging about it.

Bai Ling: In the tub, and blogging about it.

Bai Ling: In the tub, and blogging about it.

Stars: They’re just like us!

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[Hall of Fame] Bai Ling



Congratulations to Bai Ling who has starred in three 24hourstomidnight classics (Code Hunter, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Southland Tales). She is now a member of our Hall of Fame. She also starred in that episode of “Lost” about Jack’s tattoos, and no one likes that episode.

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