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Blingee Tribute: Bai Ling

24h2m Hall of Famer Bai Ling

24h2m Hall of Famer Bai Ling

In order to appeal to all of our readers who seem to love Bai Ling, we’d like to present you with a tribute to one of our favorite B-movie stars–behold, Bai Ling! When she’s not getting mugshots for such glamourous crimes as shoplifting or starring in everyone’s least favorite episode of Lost, Bai Ling likes to get all fancy–as seen in the above photo! Though the photo is only our rendition of Bai Ling’s true essence, we feel it represents one question everyone asks when it comes to this famous actor: “What’s that on her face??”

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Blingee Tribute: Tara Reid


Isn’t traditional photography such a bore? Here at “24 Hours to Midnight: The Blog!”, we feel that a photograph just isn’t finished until we’ve been to Blingee.com. Look at how we honour site favourite, Tara Reid.

Happy Discovery Day Weekend, everybody!