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Willy Wilson recommends: Dark Paradox (2007)

Friend of us Willy Wilson knows that we love secret cults, Canadian horror, portals, and all things Lovecraftian. She recommended “Dark Paradox” (2007), since it exists in the centre of a Venn diagram containing those four things. Enjoy!

As far as we can tell, Victoria, British Columbia, isn’t the Satanic capital of North America… though, it IS the Cycling Capital of Canada. Perhaps the hundreds of kilometers of bike paths form a colossal pentagram. I guess we’ll find out when the city gets sucked into the gaping maw of Hell.

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[site news] Happy Canada Day!

Since our mysterious island home is situated in close proximity to the nation of Canada, we feel the urge to celebrate July 1 with hot tracks.

While not strictly a bad movie, it’s got a lot of our favourite things:

  • mysterious temples
  • dramatic arm movements
  • mystical animal friends
  • moody coloured lenses
  • intense scenes of fire
  • the moon
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