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TNT Jackson

jimrugg's TNT Jackson www.flickr.com/photos/jimrugg/

bitch, she’s T-N-T
and she fights like she makes love:
naked, but lights off

Quotable quote #1:
TNT Jackson: [turning off the lights in preparation for a fight] You want it black? You got it black!

Most of my favourite scenes involved Elaine, a (white) lady that is somehow involved with the men TNT is after. TNT doesn’t really think much of her — she calls her a bitch, calls her fat, she leaves her to be raped — you know how catty girls can be. Please excuse the language, but this is a pretty good example of a typical TNT/Elaine exchange:

Elaine: First of all, I’m not what you think I am.
TNT Jackson: I know. You’re a Girl Scout working on your badge for the equality of niggers.
Elaine: I’m a government agent.
TNT Jackson: Oh yeah? Well, I’m Snow White suffering from a sunburn.

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Raiders of the Sun

Raiders of the Sun

This guy and his sweet flamethrower are not found in this film.

like every future,
it’s post-apocalyptic
and explodes a lot.

Note #1: There is almost an obscene number of mortar explosions in this movie. An average one explosion every ten seconds would be a conservative estimate. A great deal of this movie is just people running across rocky landscapes with big, harmless explosions happening a safe distance away. For a society where gunpowder has become more valuable than gold, they use it with curious frequency.

Note #2: This is another one from the team of noted Filipino director Cirio H. Santiago and “King of the Bs” Roger Corman. Angelfist! TNT Jackson! About a hundred other ones!

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"If Looks Could Kill, They Wouldn't Need To Kick."

"If Looks Could Kill, They Wouldn't Need To Kick."

want to fight some crime?
join these lady kickboxers;
shower frequently.

when not fighting nude,
all of the girls wear spandex.
it’s leotarded.

Fast Fact #1: Angelfist was directed by Cirio H. Santiago, director of TNT Jackson!
Fast Fact #2: Angelfist stars Catya Sassoon, daughter of Vidal Sassoon!

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