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Kick-Ass (2010)

I would have preferred watching "Big Daddy and Hit Girl."

nick cage: crime fighter
speak slowly, dress like batman
mustache extensions

i mostly liked this movie, but i’m not a dude, so i had a few problems with kick-ass pretending to be gay, and with grown men having no problem beating up a tiny child, no matter how many people she’s killed. apparently the original comic was supposed to be based on big daddy and hit girl, and that would have been amazing. also, clark duke reading runaways was cool, so there you go. i mostly recommend it.

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The Tara Reid Acting School for Real Smart Ladies: Jessica Alba

Occasionally, a filmmaker needs a lady to look smart, but can’t afford to change the script, or cast someone that can act like a smart person. That’s when you call the “Tara Reid Acting School for Real Smart Ladies” – helping ladies be smart through the use of props. Today’s graduate? Jessica Alba.



Jessica Alba is the winner of two Lazzies (the Latino version of a Razzie) for her status as Worst Latina Actress. However, that didn’t stop her from playing the WASPiest white woman in the Marvel Universe – The Invisible Woman.



How will she make it as a super-powered blonde woman with advanced degrees in four biochemical fields? Witness the transformation!

"You guys! Science!", said the be-wigged Alba.

"You guys! Science!", said the be-wigged Alba.

Wow! Not since “Honey” have we seen such a Cinderella story!

Graduate: Jessica Alba
Major: Glasses Wearing
Film: Fantastic Four (2005), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

Congratulations, Jessica Alba!

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