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The Tara Reid Acting School for Real Smart Ladies: Jon Bon Jovi

Occasionally, a filmmaker needs a lady to look smart, and really wants to beat the audience over the head with it. And sometimes, the menfolk need a little IQ boost from the propmaster, too. The Tara Reid Acting School for Real Smart Ladies is proud to present today’s graduate: Jon Bon Jovi.

Practically a lady.

In the not-all-that-bad 2005 slasher/thriller Cry_Wolf, the usual pack of endangered teens are mentored by Prof. Rich Walker — an eBay shoppin’, student-gropin’ faculty member. He wears the standard issue college professor uniform: tweed jacket, sweater vest, and glasses. As the characters wait for the killer’s next move, Prof. Rich Walker discusses the plot with the male lead over (ugh) a game of chess. Here, chess is a metaphor for obvious metaphors.

"Bookshelves", he said thoughtfully.

"Bookshelves", he said thoughtfully.

Graduate: Jon Bon Jovi
Major: Tweed Application
Film: Cry_Wolf (2005)

From all of us here at “24 Hours to Midnight: The Blog!”, we wish Jon Bon Jovi a hearty congratulations, and remind our readers that glasses make u look totes smart lollllllll.

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the real deception?
jon bon jovi: college prof.
tweed doesn’t fool us.

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