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29-year-olds make terrible 17-year-olds, just sayin'.

watch out, brett bumpers!
an ancient dick in a box.
meatloaf’s on the case.

Meatloaf and Zelda Rubinstein

Meat Loaf & Zelda Rubinstein sing a duet for the ages.

Okay, so apparently the only trailers available are in Spanish or something, but I did manage to find this pointless piece of garbage, up for public viewing by the entire youtube community:

Thanks kids! We’re glad your internship went well. Mind not distracting professional movie bin dumpster divers from finding the choice meats amongst internet videos?

Seriously could not find a trailer in English, but there were a lot of clips of the A.J. Buckley scenes (bumbling best friend to leading man, played by 36-year-old). LAME.

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