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[site news] 50,000 views!

So, we’re getting Internet famous. We’re not there yet… but we’re getting there.
I mean, 50 000 visitors. Pretty good, right?
We owe a lot of that to one special resident of the moon: Bai Ling.
To get specific, 34% of all of our traffic is, in fact, related to Bai Ling.

So, on this grand occasion, we decided to use our growing Internet celebrity status to reach out to Bai Ling, via Twitter. And she reached back.

We said: @realbailing What would your signature scent smell like?

She said: “my signature smells the most incridble scant of rose”

There you have it, folks.
24 Hours to Midnight: Now with the most incridble scant of rose.

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