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Join us on the couch.

Ever wonder what it’s like to watch a movie with the 24H2M crew? It’s a lot like this:

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[site news] Best?

In the most recent issue of The Scope, the results of the 4th Annual Best of St. John’s Survey were printed, including the results for the hotly-contested category of Best Local Blog.

The Scope St. John's

You'll notice that the carpet in boylorne's apartment is elegant, luxe, and moderately stain-resistant.

We don’t even really need to open it. We’re already Internet famous. Do we really want be MORE famous? The answer is yes, so let’s move on.

Ryan Snoddon

A winner is not us. Clearly, democracy doesn’t work. If it did, the citizens of the world would have chosen the blog that is totally BFFs with Bai Ling. Instead, they pick some deserving local blog. Insult to injury: Local weather goon Ryan Snoddon is there to talk about fame. FAME. On the same page as US.

You’re dead to us, print media!

(though you did print our site address in “Other Responses” so we’re OK)


Ryan Snoddon: Hot Business?

Hot Business? YOU DECIDE!

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Question: Are you Bai Ling?

For reference, this is Bai Ling (aka maybe you):

Bai Ling has her own parking space.

Bai Ling wants you to know that Bai Ling has her own parking space.

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