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Camp Hell (2010)

i learned that if you sin then you will have an asthma attack and a statue of the virgin mary will fall on you.

bible camp!  demons!
it’s just about abstinence
the real sin? FAKE HORROR.

once again, i have no idea where this movie went wrong. the credits were super scary and it was supposedly based on a true story about a bible camp where demons appear to take care of sinners.  i think that’s what this was about anyways, i kind of lost interest about halfway through once i realized that the trailer was a complete tease and everything else was mostly about how if you sin, then demons will attack you and your family. jesse eisenberg is in it for about 5 mintues, i no longer have a crush on andrew mccarthy and if i ever have children, they are never going to bible camp.

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Mirror Mirror (1990)

i bought this because it had a hologram on the cover.

goth loner seeks friends
it could just be how you’re dressed
hang with beetlejuice

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Nine Lives (2002)


fancy british twats
get drunk, release a demon
paris hilton dies

unfortunately i could not find a trailer for this gem, but someone made this loving tribute to the movie, set to the music of marilyn manson.

thank you.

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Bloodspell aka The Boy from Hell (1988)

because he's so handsome.

home for troubled youth
pre-fargo woodchipper death
kid possessed by dad

this was pretty much impossible to find a trailer or anything on. sorry.
i will tell you that it involved a lot of “acting”, and featured twink caplan, who is probably best known for playing miss geist in clueless.

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