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The Seventh Sign (1988)

this looks like a danielle steel novel.

knife wounds make portals
demi moore: pregnant hero
oh look, a baby!

sorry i haven’t been posting much, i’ve been feeling pretty uninspired.  i’ve been watching tonnes of garbage, but none of it is interesting enough to write about.  this movie was actually pretty good.  plus, that’s two for demi moore, all we have to do is watch showgirls and then she’s a hall of famer!


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The Stand


part I: the plague

dark man, what you wear?
canadian tuxedo
denim on demim

part II: the dreams

everyone is dead
except for b-list celebs
molly! stop singing!

part III: the betrayal

the power comes on
stephen king makes cameo
hauls corpses around

part IV: the stand

a baby gets born
ghost of mother abigail
something about god

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