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True Believer (1989)

"IS THAT HARRY POTTER????" no mom, it's robert downey jr.

rob downey in court
james woods has a ponytail
it’s weird and poufy

despite there being several clips from the movie, i could not find a trailer on youtube, watch this instead:

there is a trailer on videodetective, but i am bad at the internet.  here is a link:


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Zombie Strippers! (2008)

like flashdance, but with zombies instead of welding.

hey everybody
let’s make like tito ortiz
and haul fucking buns

well, we’ve finally seen ZOMBIE STRIPPERS, and now we can never unsee it.

highlights include:

  • weird existential bullshit dialogue that makes absolutely no sense
  • references to both UHF and THE WARRIORS
  • ridiculous stripper pole moves
  • a zombie stripper shooting golf AND pool balls out of her cooch

despite all of this, i can never, ever imagine watching it again. solid effort, really good if you’re into strippers and zombies maybe, but a pretty terrible movie all in all.

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Dark Town (2004)

i'm still shocked that boylorne bought this at a yard sale from a grandma.

Compton has vampires
stay away from dad’s thermos
it’s a lost boys trick!

for the best part of this movie, go about 30 seconds into this clip:

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