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Jurassic Park


newman frees dinos
“chaotician” loses shirt
hold on to yer butts


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bare-backing a 5 dollar whore

an allegory
humans! hot commodity!
best part? mutant vamps

in this movie, most of the earth’s population have been changed into vampires, and are now in high demand. big business has taken over the blood industry, and supplies are running out. this can been seen as a heavy-handed allegory for about a million different things (natural resources in general, medical research, etc.), or you can go in and see an awesome movie about vampires and mutant vampires and blood and gore. which is what i did, so i really enjoyed it. it also kind of answers the real-life question of why vampires can not really exist, which i thought was pretty neat as well. there’s also a really ridiculous vampire reversal process, and near the end, ethan hawke dresses like han solo and it’s pretty amazing.

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