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Modelland (2011)


Tyra’s dream come true
Editorially sucking
Tookie de la Creme

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Modelli Folli aka Model Madness (2010)

motion editorial sickness

ty-ty’s in film school
so whip your hair in reverse
a top model first

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Night of the Cobra Woman (1972)

night of the cobra woman

evil snake lady
she feeds on youth to stay young…
is that you, Tyra?


Baroness, you're the only Cobra woman for me.

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Degrees: Top Model edition

Degrees – Anybody can be a few steps from Kevin Bacon, but you have to be pretty famous (like us) to be this close to German B-movie schlockmeister and general bad human Uwe Boll. In this feature, we examine the many ways that we are connected to Uwe Boll.

This one starts with another former housemate:

housemate’s sister is Rebeccah, of Canada’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2.

Smiling with her eyes?

Smiling with her eyes? Only Tyra knows for sure!

Canada’s Next Top Model is produced by…

This is my own fault for Googling "Tyra Banks scary"

This is my own fault for Googling "Tyra Banks scary"

Tyra hosted the 2nd Annual Vibe awards with B-movie all-star LL Cool J.

Not surprisingly, people were stabbed shortly after.

Not surprisingly, people were stabbed shortly after.

LL Cool J starred with Michelle Rodriguez in the 2003 film, “S.W.A.T.”, and Michelle Rodriguez was in the vampire swords-and-sorcery film “BloodRayne”, which we covered here before.

Pouty. Always pouty.

Pouty. Always pouty.

And, of course, “BloodRayne” was directed by this guy:

Uwe Boll: Bad for humans.

Uwe Boll: Bad for humans.

NOTE: When filming “BloodRayne” in Western Europe, Uwe Boll decided that he did not want to pay the actresses hired to play prostitutes, so he got rid of the actresses and got real prostitutes to play prostitutes. Because they were cheaper.

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