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[Hall of Fame] Zelda Rubinstein


Today, we induct Zelda Rubinstein in the “24 Hours to Midnight: The Hall of Fame”. Zelda has starred in Teen Witch, Little Witches, and Southland Tales, along with countless other films that had a role for a small, odd-looking, sassy lady.

Sadly, Zelda Rubinstein passed away today at the age of 76.

No jokes today. We’re too bummed.


And now, we have live reactions, from 24H2M staff:

naturalie: WHOA! Not true!!! What a sin.
mystyron: “OH NOOOOO!!!!”

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Little Witches

not fariuza balk.

nude witches cast spells
cheap-o version of the craft
zelda rubenstein

i couldn’t find a working video for this on youtube, or google video. there is a trailer at this link, but first you have to watch an ad for a vibrator or condoms or something. fun times.


this movie was actually pretty entertaining, and has a fanny-pack wearing nun in it. boylorne has tried to add the leading man as a friend on facebook.  apparently he’s not up to much acting-wise, so hopefully he accepts.

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