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Burial Ground aka The Nights of Terror

either way, it’s weird:
your son’s not 10, he’s 30.
get him off your boob

Oogh, such Italian weirdness. “Burial Ground” aka “The Nights of Terror” features swinging socialites being murdered by the usual band of paper mache-coated zombies. The real specialness of this movie comes from and an obviously-adult little person as a pre-teen. BONUS: He’s involved in a weird incest plot.

ADDITIONAL WEIRDNESS:  24H2M film “A Virgin Among the Living Dead” was promoted internationally as “Zombi 4” to capitalize on the success of Lucio Fulci’s “Zombi”, despite having absolutely nothing to do with the film. Similarly, “Burial Ground”  was advertised internationally as “Zombi 3”.
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A Virgin Among the Living Dead (1973)

avirginamongthelivingdead A Virgin Among the Living Dead

This movie poster is so metal.

make it italian?
just add gore, incest, and freaks.
mission accomplished.

A nerdish failing of mine: I don’t get Italian horror. Argento, Fulci, Bava… their charms are lost on me. I notice the stylistic flourishes (the melodrama, the gore, etc., etc., etc.) but it’s not for me. I recognize, however, that this movie is a bad example of the genre.

To summarize: our heroine (?) is called to a creepy mansion for the reading of her father’s will. Creepy mansion is home to weirdo relatives. Eventually (and in this case, “eventually” means over an hour into the film), some crazy shit goes down, and she descends into madness, I guess. What the “crazy shit” consists of depends on what version of the film you see.  There are at least TEN different versions of this mess, and some of them follow a completely different plot than the rest.

The one we watched was also released under the title “Zombi 4” (unrelated to Lucio Fulci’s “Zombi”) and included about forty minutes of our hero stumbling through the woods, and with dirty-looking men occasionally getting out from under piles of leaves. We weren’t lucky enough to get the saucy softcore version (“Christina: Princess of Eroticism”) or the Vincent-Price-is-on-the-box-but-not-in-the-movie version with vampires.

Anyway, no video for this one, but here’s an excerpt from the soundtrack. Feel free to use it instead of your usual Spooky Holiday sound effects tape:

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