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Fright Night (1985)

being a vampire gives you ladyhands.

hey, you little snoop
what is outside your window?
a coffin cockblock

apparently they’re filming a re-make of this starring colin farrell as the vampire, with christopher mintz-plasse (mclovin!) and david tennant in the other starring roles. my mind is blown.



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Runaway (1987)

really good shoulder pads.

tom selleck, head nerd
cops fix computer problems
runaway robots

Tom Selleck Kirstie Alley

Battle of the Network Stars

boylorne: Back when she was on “Cheers”, I had a crush on Kirstie Alley. She wore blouses and was insolent. It was amazing.

Cynthia Rhodes

Officer Karen Thompson (Cynthia Rhodes) hopes to get moustached by Tom Selleck

Bonus facts about Cynthia Rhodes! She starred in a Toto video! She is Rosanna! That is her slinking around a fence and swinging around a stop sign. She is also married to Richard Marx and at one point sang for Animotion (but this was post-“Obsession”, so it’s not as awesome as it could be). Either way, nice work Cynthia Rhodes! Richard Marx probably sings this and thinks about you!

(this was my song for a dance number in gym class in the second grade. i think it involved forward rolls and ribbons on a stick.)

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Bai Ling is: brushing her teeth

Bai Ling knows: Let’s brush our teeth and be our best.

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Willy Wilson recommends: Dark Paradox (2007)

Friend of us Willy Wilson knows that we love secret cults, Canadian horror, portals, and all things Lovecraftian. She recommended “Dark Paradox” (2007), since it exists in the centre of a Venn diagram containing those four things. Enjoy!

As far as we can tell, Victoria, British Columbia, isn’t the Satanic capital of North America… though, it IS the Cycling Capital of Canada. Perhaps the hundreds of kilometers of bike paths form a colossal pentagram. I guess we’ll find out when the city gets sucked into the gaping maw of Hell.

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Salt (2010)


Would you like some fat, pouty lips with your salt?

Typical Jolie:
shoot some guns and give some ‘tude;
ridiculous clothes.

At least the role didn’t go to Tom Cruise, as was originally intended – though imagine him sporting this rather fetching look:

Jolie: so Russian

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[GAMES] The Room Tribute

The Room game

If you’ve seen “The Room”, then you really need to play “The Room Tribute”. The point-and-click adventure hit the Internet two days ago. I played it through, and just like the movie, I refuse to believe it exists.

The Room game fight vs

“The Room Tribute” is amazing, thoughtful, and very well-done. Big congrats to Tom Fulp, JohnnyUtah, and company! Their near-obsessive knowledge of the movie turns what could be a one-note gag into something really impressive.

The Room game boss fight vs versus

To play “The Room Tribute”, click here.

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